Our Desire

Our vision is a picture of what could be, and a desire that it should be. It is why we exist.  Knowing the vision is the first step to understanding Bartlett Church.

BC’s vision is to create a God glorifying environment through Gospel renewal.  The Gospel first renews us as individuals, it recreates our relationships and it transforms the world around us.

We want to see Chicagoland and beyond become more and more a place where Jesus Christ is known, honored, and served.

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Psalm 19:1 says that the heavens declare the glory of God and the sky above proclaims His handiwork. His creation is praising Him through it’s existence, we proclaim Him through worship as well.  Our gatherings are an opportunity to express our faith together through song, Scripture reading and teaching. We meditate together on the truths of the gospel which reveal to us the Holiness of God, our brokenness, and our need to be made right with Him.  It is then that we see the glory of Christ in uniting us to God and to one another in love. “Christ in you, the hope of Glory.” (Col.1:27)

We encourage you to come as you are. Our Sunday gatherings are always a great time to meet new people, worship with the rest of the Bartlett Church family, and be challenged to grow by the Word of God while our children learn in a fun educational environment. Worship and preaching typically last about an hour.  We meet at 9 am for a variety of Bible study classes and also coffee and conversation.  Our worship service begins at 10:15 and we hope to see you there.

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Mission, or evangelism, is not just another program that the church carries out. The church is mission. Yes, the church gathers as people being called out (ekklesia) of the world. But the church is at the same time being sent out (apostolos) into the world. The church certainly must be called out from the world, but it also must certainly go back into the world. We are to be holy, set apart and different in our character than those who do not know God. But, we should also refuse to believe the lies the “churched” culture tells us which are: avoid hanging out with the people in the world because you will be corrupted. We also need to reject the lie that we have to create our own Christian sub-culture and insulate ourselves from the big, bad world. Mission demands that we follow Jesus, friend of sinners, by being immersed in relationships with those far from God, and thus, bring light to lost people in dark cultures. We are called out, but we are sent. It is only in the context of being sent do the metaphors “salt of the earth,” “city on a hill,” and “light of the world” make sense in describing the church. We are to be people who have been encountered by God through the gospel, and then we are to enter the world with the gospel.

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We are located at 1500 West Stearns Rd in Bartlett just west of 59.



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